more a peer movement than a stuffy lobbying stink-tank, we're everyday people like you, pushing genuine awareness of societal issues created by conventional blue-lit displays and the potential of a 2030 we want: where electronically-inked displays RULE.

   we're friendly and responsive to big industry needs, but protocols ensure we're never sellouts and keep our community at the core, by being organized and run transparently. click here to see our open working group manual, priorities, and policies Wiki.

direct link; no signup required.


eats, sleeps, breathes project ops including e.paper system units, AI, ML, chains. indian hustle-muscle in all code from ESP32 Arduino to Dan Brown's Da Vinci. (mumbai-IDE's)

ex biG-tech exec turned social change enabler. old-skool Apple Newton PDA daddy. american spin + swedish design + arab money (dubai-stockholm-SF)

selling maverick & token-pushing CMO. 100% lifeswitched to e.ink monitor+phone+tablet. german engineering + internet nativity (munich-DACH-london-ether)

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PRASAD khake


Bail out: "I've got JOMO and don't want to get into EI-2030. But once in a solar eclipse, I want to keep tabs on you guys and get updated on all that's happened." Sure, provide your email address to be added to our future newslist once we get around to that:

   Academic and corporate working groups running on "bored meeting" style order are so last-century, and don't have the speed and flexibility we need to see through a mass electronic paper disruption this decade. That's why our working group is built over private, remote social tools that give our tribe needed tools to make communication easy and collaboration successful.


  Right now, we use Discord, which suits our current needs. Eventually, we'll move to a PHP open-source framework that allows modular extension of functionality as our needs grow, adding other apps and systems as we scale. It's SECURE, with our own server-instance: your data, your rules. WE DON'T SELL IT, WE DON'T SPAM YOU. We're posting updates to exchange learning, sharing files, and commenting in multiple channels. Your  virtual card lets you link up with other e-paper enthusiasts in our community... customize a profile, list your work in the field, tap specialty skills... eventually, opportunities to generate a lasting "e-inkome" as the technology mainstreams. But it's not a Wild West; together we host it closely to keep it efficient and useful, co-steer our voluntary effort towards our shared goal, and cultivate the sense of community solidarity we need in numbers to unseat legacy screens.


  Free to commit however much time as you like to our common mission with no centrally-mandated task assignments, you're in control of how you contribute to our advancement. Up to you to hop in our video conferences to get acquainted or hack complex questions, together.

Under the GLASS: DetailED Platform

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Press/Click to Open (PDF popup, 1MB). This 2-page circular lays out all you need to know about EI-2030. It's the README before Hello, World... with key information like:

  • What we're setting out to do (the disruption is already underway!)
  • Early articulations of our vision and values-in-the-making
  • Complete FAQ including origin story
  • Instructions to apply for an invitation to the group, which is free for members


We're all volunteers, not abusers of others' time. We can afford to operate now at a great service-level & quality due to a combination of ultra-low running costs (all-digital-based presence) shared by a core of EI-2030 community stewards, and later --as we grow-- minimal sponsorship banners from e-paper industry companies without compromising our independence.

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Above chairwarmers will orchestrate peer vote-in of a wider 2021 standing committee. Onboarding ongoing.
Special thanks to the valued contributions of inceptive EI-2030 member, Leo Mori of Zurich. Like Neo, Leo believed in the EI-2030 prophecy and jumped in early on when few knew or dared. You're a friend Leo to electronic ink's coming of age and ever-welcome to partake in our growing journey as makes sense for you. Our story's just beginning.

   think that electronic paper is just a rigid, overpriced  book reader and stuck in the black & white stone age? think again. while not an R&D body, we are inventors, users, and entrepreneurs alike, planning & scheming together, talking from low-level to Hi 👋!